Scented decorative oil
  • Scented decorative oil

Scented decorative oil

Scented decorative oil are able to provide the wood substrate with a harmonizing appearance associated with excellent protection.

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Area of ​​use
Artifacts in wood for interior decoration.

General characteristics
The HO20XX / 00 series decorative oils are able to give the wood support an appearance harmonizing with excellent protection.
Thanks to their particular formulation, in addition to protecting and perfuming the support, they make it very pleasant to the touch and resistant to moisture and water. Once the product has been applied, its fragrance tends to fade over time until it disappears completely. They are characterized by excellent uniforming power and excellent light resistance, ease of application and speed drying.
They are not suitable for application on wood to be displayed outdoors.

Instructions for Use
Apply the decorative oils of the HO20XX / 00 series on raw wood sanded with 150 grit abrasive paper.
The decorative oils of the HO20XX / 00 series are completely miscible with each other.
It is possible to paint over them (a light sanding with 400 grit paper is suggested) with the transparent version HO2010 / 00 to protect to the better the color obtained and get an even softer and silky hand. Applying HD2000 / 00 it will also be possible to use it for parquet.
It is possible to perform maintenance if necessary by applying another coat of product (taking care of carefully clean the support).
In addition, applying different colors one after the other in succession (and selectively sanding only a few zone) it is possible to create shabby chic or country effects.

code              color-perfume                    packaging
HO2010 / 00 TRASPARENTE MIELE     from LT.0,75
HO2010 / 00 HONEY TRANSPARENT  from LT.2,5
HO2011 / 00 WHITE BIRCH                   from LT.0,75
HO2012 / 00 LAVENDER GRAY             from LT.0,75
HO2013 / 00 TORTORACITRUS           from LT.0.75
HO2014 / 00 PINE GREEN                    from LT.0,75
HO2015 / 00 DARK VANILLA WALNUT from LT.0,75

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Colors: Trasparent-Honey-HO2010
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