Two Way Light wooden pallet

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Two-way light pallets designed to be lifted by the deckboards, without bottom deckboards, in customizable sizes.

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Wooden pallets designed to be lifted by the deckboards, without bottom deckboards, customisable in dimensions (length and width) and strength (small, medium, large, extra), possibility of ispm15 fao treatment for exportation and any indelible black ink markings with a maximum of 45 characters. The pallet can also be realized in a planed version, suitable for furnishing. We produce all pallets we sell.

(Only products for packaging and shipping, sale only to customers with VAT number, net price, minimum order of 100 VAT excluded)

Product customization

How to insert the measures properly:

Two Way Light wooden pallet measures

Enter here the quantity:

(An order of 10 pieces has a discount of 2% - of 50 pieces of 4% - of 100 pieces of 6% - of 200 pieces of 8% - depending on the measures)

Enter here the length:


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 20cm/max 300cm)

Enter here the width:


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 10cm/max 160cm)


Section of teh used material - strenght of the pallet.

Deckboard spacing :

Select if top deckboards must be spaced or not.

Planed boards:

Select if boards must be planed or not (recommended for furnishing).

Galvanized nails:

Select if nails must be galvanized or not (recommended for furnishing).


Select if boards must be marked or not.

Marking Text:

Input the marking text (max 45 characters - special characters are not allowed).


ISPM15 heat sterilization treatment for exportation to non-EU.


Completely finished or with only the six sides preassembled.

Warning: If you select "not assembled", the assembly is carried by the customer!

Main manufacturing characteristics:

- Type of material:

  • - The pallets are made of European dried fir wood (humidity max 20%);
  • - All versions: stringers of 9x3,5cm;
  • - Small version: deckboards  6x1,2cm;
  • - Medium version: deckboards 9,5x1,5cm;
  • - Large version: deckboards 9,5x1,8cm;
  • - Extra version: deckboards 12x2,2cm - if planed of 11,5x1,8cm;
  • - Planed option is limited to the extra version;

- Size limitations:

  • - Minimum size: 20x10cm;
  • - Small version: max 120x80cm;
  • - Medium version: max 160x120cm;
  • - Large version: max 200x160cm;
  • - Extra version: max 300x160cm;

- Pallet height:

  • - Small version: 10,2cm;
  • - Medium version: 10,5cm;
  • - Large version: 10,8cm;
  • - Extra version: 11,2cm;
  • - Version extra-planed: 10,8cm;

- Indicative weight for model 120x80cm:

  • - Small: 7kg;
  • - Medium: 8kg;
  • - Large: 9kg;
  • - Extra: 10kg;

- indicative static/dynamic carrying capacity for 120x80cm model:

  • - Small version: 75/50kg;
  • - Medium version: 150/100kg;
  • - Large version: 300/200kg;
  • - Extra version: 500/300kg;
  • - The dimensions increase involves a decrease more than proportional of the carrying capacity;
  • - The relative structural rigidity of the contained material, as for example the presence of a bearing metal skid below the product, can also increase considerably the effective range of the carrying capacity;

- Size 120x80cm construction:

  • - Small version: 7 top deckboards  - 3 stringer;
  • - Medium version: 5 top deckboards - 3 stringer;
  • - Large version: 5 top deckboards - 3 stringer;
  • - Extra version: 4 top deckboards - 3 stringer;

- ISPM15 treatment for export:

  • - The treatment is required to export to non-EU countries;
  • - The treatment consists in an oven high temperature sterilization;
  • - The price includes sterilization, markings and documentation stating the treatment;

- Pallet marking:

  • - Marking by inkjet printing with indelible black ink;
  • - Maximum 45 characters;
  • - The wording is not available for sizes smaller than 50cm.
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