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Pallet Table 2
  • Pallet Table 2
  • Pallet Tavolo - Frontale
  • Pallet Table - pool 1
  • Pallet Table - pool 2
  • Pallet Table - pool 3
  • Pallet Table - pool 4
  • Pallet Table - pool 5
  • Pallet Table - pool 6
  • Pallet Table - pool 7
  • Pallet Table - pool 8
  • Pallet Table - pool 9
  • Pallet Table - pool 10
  • Pallet Tavolo - Laterale destro basso
  • Pallet Tavolo - Laterale sinistro
  • Pallet Tavolo - Laterale sinistro intermedio
  • Pallet Tavolo - Dall'alto
  • Pallet Tavolo - Sotto frontale
  • Pallet Tavolo - Sotto laterale

Pallet Table

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The pallet table is a wood packaging customizable in length, width, height and marking.


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The pallet table is a wood packaging customizable in length, width, height and marking. It is built as if it was a pallet. The product must be considered for all purpose as a wood packaging. The wood used is wood packaging quality, dried, non chemically treated, squared edge. Also with ispm15 HT treatment for exportation and planed boards for furnishing.

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Product customization:

How to insert the measures properly:

Pallet Table measures

Enter here the quantity:

(An order of 2 pieces has a discount of 5% - of 5 pieces of 10% - of 10 pieces of 15% - of 20 pieces of 20% - depending on the measures)

Enter here the length:


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 30cm/max 250cm)

Enter here the width:


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 30cm/max 150cm)

Enter here the height (usuful heigh below the pallet table is 12cm less than the height inserted):


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 12cm/max 120cm)

Planed boards:

Select if boards must be planed or not (recommended for furnishing).

Galvanized nails:

Select if nails must be galvanized or not (recommended for furnishing).


Select if boards must be marked or not.

Marking Text:

Input the marking text (max 45 characters - special characters are not allowed).


ISPM15 heat sterilization treatment for exportation to non-EU.

Main manufacturing characteristics:

- Type of material:

  • - The pallet tables are made of European dried fir wood (humidity max 20%);
  • - Boards 12x2,2cm (planed 11,5x1,8cm) - hidden stringers 9x5,5cm - legs stringers 9x7,5cm (planed 8,5x7cm);
  • - All pieces have square edges;

- Size limitations:

  • - Minimum size: 30cmx30x12h;
  • - Maximum size: 250cmx150x120h;

- Indicative weight:

  • - 40x40x20: 8kg;
  • - 80x80x40: 20kg;
  • - 120x120x80: 40kg;

- ISPM15 treatment for export:

  • - The treatment is required to export to non-EU countries;
  • - The treatment consists in an oven high temperature sterilization;
  • - The price includes sterilization, markings and documentation stating the treatment;

- Pallet marking:

  • - Marking by inkjet printing with indelible black ink;
  • - Maximum 45 characters;
  • - The wording is not available for sizes smaller than 50cm.
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