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Heavy Duty pallet

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Heavy Duty Wooden pallets customisable in dimensions (length and width) and strength (large and extra).


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Heavy Duty Wooden pallets, customisable in dimensions (length and width) and strength (large and extra), possibility of ispm15 fao treatment for exportation and any indelible black ink markings with a maximum  of 45 characters. The pallet can also be realized in a planed version, suitable for furnishing. We produce all pallets we sell.

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Various (strength and dimensions) drawings of heavy duty pallets. Italian version.

Download (1.78M)


Various (strength and dimensions) drawings of heavy duty pallets. English version.

Download (1.76M)

Product customization:

How to insert the measures properly:

Heavy Duty pallet measures

The protrusion is customizable, the base is 15 cm per side (for length of less than 120cm is 10 cm). By clicking on customize, you may indicate cm projection. The picture refers to a basic trussed pallets of 140x75 cm size not planed.

Enter here the quantity:

(An order of 10 pieces has a discount of 2% - of 50 pieces of 4% - of 100 pieces of 6% - of 200 pieces of 8% - depending on the measures)

Enter here the length:


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 50cm/max 500cm)

Enter here the width:


(Measure must be expressed in cm - min 35cm/mx 245cm)


Section of the used material - strenght of the pallet.

Deckboard spacing :

Select if top deckboards must be spaced or not.

Planed boards:

Select if boards must be planed or not (recommended for furnishing).

Galvanized nails:

Select if nails must be galvanized or not (recommended for furnishing).


Select if boards must be marked or not.

Marking Text:

Input the marking text (max 45 characters - special characters are not allowed).


ISPM15 heat sterilization treatment for exportation to non-EU.

Main manufacturing characteristics:

- Type of material:

  • - The pallets are made of European dried fir wood (humidity max 20%);
  • - Large version: top and bottom deckboards 9,5x1,8cm - longitudinal and transversal stringers 6x9cm;
  • - Extra version: top and bottom deckboards 12x2,2cm - longitudinal and transversal stringers 7,5x9cm;
  • - Extra version - Planed: top and bottom deckboards 11,6x1,8cm - longitudinal and transversal stringers 7x8,5cm;
  • - Planed option is limited to the extra version;

- Size limitations:

  • - Large version: min 50x35cm - max 500x245cm (300x160 for transportation by courier);
  • - Extra version: min 50x35cm - max 500x245cm (300x160 for transportation by courier);

- Pallet height:

  • - Large version: 21,6cm;
  • - Extra version: 22,4cm;
  • - Version extra-planed: 21,0cm;
  • - The bottom deckboards are circa 30cm (15cm/15cm) shorter than the pallet lenght (20cm (10/10) for pallet length smaller than 120cm) - A different value can be indicated in the order notes.

- Indicative weight for model 160x120cm:

  • - Large: 40kg;
  • - Extra: 55kg;

- indicative static/dynamic carrying capacity for 160x120cm model:

  • - Large version: 3000 / 2000kg;
  • - Extra version: 4000 / 3000kg;
  • - The dimensions increase involves a decrease more than proportional of the carrying capacity;
  • - The relative structural rigidity of the contained material, as for example the presence of a bearing metal skid below the product, can also considerably increase the effective range of the carrying capacity;

- Size 160x120cm construction:

  • - Large/Extra version:  solid-top deckboards (can be changed in the options) - 3 longitudinal stringers - 2 transversal stringers - 3 bottom deckboards;

- ISPM15 treatment for export:

  • - The treatment is required to export to non-EU countries;
  • - The treatment consists of sterilization in an high temperature oven;
  • - The price includes sterilization, marking and documentation stating the treatment;

- Pallet marking:

  • - Marking by inkjet printing with indelible black ink;
  • - Maximum 45 characters;
  • - The wording will be preceded by deck dimension;
  • - The wording is not available for sizes smaller than 50cm.
Prodotti anche per arredamento, sconti su prodotti e trasporto, nessun minimo d'ordine


questions Robertbarker on 05/21/2019

Hi I’m in the proses of-decking my garden and after seeing this was wondering if they would suffice as decking.Many thanks Robert0858811443


Other customers have used it to create an external plan. Keep in mind that the material used in the production is wood-packaging grade, it is natural (no treatments) and the height is about 21cm.

For outdoors, we also suggest appling a protective wood stain wax:

questions maggie w on 04/27/2017
Question: Hi there, please can you help, I want to make a bed base from pallettes, I have a *Super King Size mattress so the base needs to be strong ! I like the heavy duty pallettes without spaces, but can they be produced with 'some' small spaces for moisture evaporation as required under a mattress ? The mattress is 6' x 6',6" dimensions, *how many pallettes of what size would be required for the bed base? The pallettes 'can' be a bit larger than the mattress, like a small platform around the bed but not essential, also, my friend can assist me but I don't really want to be sawing the pallettes to size as not good with that, also 2 ? for a headboard ? Also DON'T want chemically treated, heat treated OK, and *planed best or I'll have to purchase a sander.
Answer: The heavy duty pallet is made to be used with 1000s kg of load. It shoud be enough even in the large version. The dimension can be personalised as one needs. To move it easier it is better to divide it in smaller pieces (for example instead of a single 200x180 it is better 2  100x180 or 4 100x90). Space between deckboards can also be personalised by selecting the number of boards (above the price is shown the space between the boards). Boards angles are squared also in the planed version. Ispm15 treatment is needed in international shipping and consists of only heat treatment. The price is calculated automatically as measures and options are modified. The shipping cost is calculated automatically after the postal code is selected in the cart page.

Question about the product

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By (PORTO MANTOVANO, Italy) on  17 Jan. 2020 (Heavy Duty pallet) :
The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review, or the review is pending moderation
By (Parma, Italy) on  10 Dec. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :

Ottimo prodotto

Tutto perfettto. Prodotto ottimo e spedizione puntuale. Raccomandato!

By (Firenze, Italy) on  17 Nov. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :

By (SAN BASSANO, Italy) on  06 Nov. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :



By (Roma, Italy) on  22 Oct. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :

Particolari da rifinire

Un paio di elementi (su 8) andavano rifiniti meglio perché in alcuni angoli il legno non risultava ben piallato. Forse è stato per l'urgenza di consegnarmi l'ordine?

By (Roma, Italy) on  16 Oct. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :

molto soddisfatto

Ottimi materiale, sito facile da consultare e rapidi nella consegna.

By (Torino, Italy) on  22 Sept. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :

Ben fatto

Prodotto ben fatto e rifinito, intendo quello piallato, ho preso due bancali, tempi di consegna corretti, come da accordi. Soddisfatta per l'acquisto. Presto acquisterò altro materiale perché l'azienda è molto seria.

By (Morengo, Italy) on  17 Sept. 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :

Buon prodotto, ottima assistenza

Il prodotto è solido e come da aspettative; l'assistenza, con estrema professionalità e gentilezza ha risolto rapidamente un problema dovuto al trasporto .

By (Roma, Italy) on  27 June 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :


ho avuto problemi con la consegna in quanto non era chiaro al momento della consegna che era a pagamento la consegna al piano e poi credevo che il legno fosse più scuro, dalla foto sembrava più scuro credevo di averlo ordinato più scuro e sono rimasta delusa
comunque sono stati tutti gentili e l'errore nella consegna era indubbiamente mio, ma suggerisco di fare 3 opzioni RITIRO AL PUNTO DI CONSEGNA - CONSEGNA SU STRADA - CONSEGNA AL PIANO per non ingenerare qui pro quo

By (COMO, Italy) on  10 May 2019 (Heavy Duty pallet) :


Prodotto perfetto. Esattamente come lo immaginavo. Grazie

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