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Boards and sheets

Softwood boards and osb3 sheets, customizable in size and marking.

Wood boards and osb3 sheets.


  • Wooden Boards

    Softwood dry boards customizable in size and markings.

  • Osb sheets

    Osb3 sheets customizable in size and markings.

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OSB3 sheets tickness 9...

Price €2.85

Softwood boards 22x120...

Price €1.97

Softwood Board 18x95...

Price €1.28

Softwood Board 15x95mm

Price €1.06

Softwood Board 12x60mm

Price €0.53

Wooden Beam 35x90 millimeters

Price €2.35

Wooden Beam 55x90 millimeters

Price €4.02

Wooden Beam 75x90mm

Price €5.03

Wooden Beam 95x95mm

Price €6.73

Wooden Beam 115x115mm

Price €9.85
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OSB 3 sheets tickness 6...

Price €1.95

OSB3 sheets tickness 18mm

Price €5.57