Loyalty Program

  1. What’s the loyalty program?

    When customers buy products on our website, the loyalty program allows them to earn credits called “reward points” that accumulate and can be converted to coupons for future orders on the site.

  2. How do you calculate the reward points gained with an order?

    Each purchase gives you the right to a credit, calculating 1 reward point for every €5.00 spent in purchases, net of discounts and shipping costs.

  3. Where can I check my reward points and how can I use them?

    You can check your points in the “Customers” section of our website by clicking on “Loyalty Program”.
    You will be awarded your points after the order has been confirmed, shipped and concluded (when the order status is listed as “Delivered and complete”).
    As a registered customer you have an area dedicated to your account called “My Account” on the site where you can find updates on your points, your balance, a detailed list of recent account activity and the coupons earned by your accumulated points. The reward points are only valid towards discounts on future purchases and have no monetary value.

  4. Do the points expire?

    The points do not have an expiration date, but become void if you cancel your account or cancel your order (order status: “canceled”).

  5. Can I transfer the points to another account?

    No, the points are non-transferable. Only the client who earns the points can use them towards a discount.

  6. When is it possible to convert the points in coupons?

    Whenever you want. You can convert your points in the “Customers” area of at any time to use as a discount on a future purchase, and will find this listed in the Coupons section of “My Account” on the website.

  7. What is the value of each point when converted in a coupon?

    Each point corresponds to €0.40 of credit.

  8. Can I use the coupon immediately?

    No, the coupon will be activated after about 8 hours. (please contact us if you have any difficulties with your coupons).

  9. Do the coupons expire?

    Yes, the coupons earned through the loyalty program expire after 12 months and can be used only on orders of at least €19.00 before VAT and shipping costs. (Nardi & Bantii Imballaggi srl) reserves the right to suspend totally or partially the loyalty program and/or change the rules at any time regarding both the earning of points and the value of the points already earned , with or without prior notice.