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Waterproof Coex sheet - Front
  • Waterproof Coex sheet - Front
  • Waterproof Coex sheet - Side left
  • Waterproof Coex sheet - Side right
  • Waterproof Coex sheet - Short side

Waterproof Coex sheet

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Plastic material made by polyethylene used to protect the material to be packed against atmospheric phenomenar.


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Waterproof Coex sheet is a plastic film made of polyethylene and is used to protect boxes and crates against atmospheric phenomena.

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  • - Coex / OFC is a multilayer coextruded film which has characteristics of resistance to the mechanical drilling;
  • - Is mostly used to hedge or to line boxes or crates for transport and storage because it is very resistant to abrasion and overlaps;
  • - This material perfectly replaces the use of the "old" sheets with the benefits of security and impermeability;
  • - Gives the product great resistance against all harmful atmospheric phenomena.
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