General Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. General information

The general terms and conditions of sale below regard purchases made on the website only, as in accordance with current legislation.

The domain is sole property of Nardi & Banti Imballaggi s.r.l., with headquarters in Altopascio (LU), loc. Chimenti, via del Maggino n.116/A, REA LU-199667, VAT number/Fiscal code 02129740466.

These general sale conditions are valid between Nardi e Banti Imballaggi srl, hereafter referred to as “Vendor” and a person or legal entity, hereafter referred to as “Client”, that purchases goods online at

2. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Before sending the purchase order to the Vendor, the Client must carefully read and review these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. By placing an order, the Client therein implies their acknowledgement and approval of these terms and conditions, pursuant to art.1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code. Approval of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale is required for the order to be confirmed.

3. Closure of Contract

The contract between the Vendor and the Client is closed exclusively on the internet, when the Client accesses and follows the instructions on the website and formalizes the contract for purchasing goods from the Vendor. The purchase contract is considered the compilation of the on-line order form by the Client who therein chooses the product(s), the method of delivery and payment, as per the instructions on the website.

The contracts are intended closed at the Vendor's headquarters, in Altopascio, (Lucca), frazione Chimenti, via del Maggino n.116/A where the goods are also produced.

4. Client obligations

The Client undertakes to pay the price of the purchased goods according in the time and manner indicated in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Client is held to print and keep a copy of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

5. Ways to Purchase

The Client goes over the goods through the pictures on the website, that are for general reference only. The client indicates on-line: the features of the goods he/she intends to purchase, the invoice data, the shipment address, the delivery and payment methods.

Before the order will be finalized, the Client will receive a summary of the aforementioned data for his/her review and confirmation, in particular the itemized cost of the goods in the order, the total cost in the event of an order of more than one item, and the relative shipping costs.

The Vendor, when receiving the order from the Client, will send an email of confirmation of receipt of the order, together with the display of a printable webpage of confirmation and overview of the order, with the data of the Client and of the order, the goods, the features, the delivery time, the place of delivery indicated by the Client and the desired method of shipment.

6. Prices

All prices shown must be considered VAT excluded and CONAI contributions included, when applicable.

The shipping costs are not included in the purchase price but are indicated and calculated when the order is confirmed, which is however before payment is made.

The Vendor has the right to change the prices published on this website at any time and the Client will consider valid those issued on the first email summary the Vendor sent , after receiving the order.

The new published prices cancel and replace the old ones and are relative to the availability of the goods.

7. Payment methods

The Client has the possibility to pay  by Bank tranfer, PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin cash at the Vendor's headquarters for amount of maximum €499,99.

The Vendor can apply a discount or surcharge depending on the payment methods chosen.

The manufacturing of the order and the subsequent shipment will only begin upon receipt of payment. The payment will be considered as a deposit until delivery, and after delivery as the balance.

8. Shipping & Delivery

The shipping costs are calculated automatically and are based on the dimensions/weight of the goods, the address to which the goods are to be delivered (in Italy the correct province is necessary) and the value of the goods ordered. These costs will be indicated on the website before you confirm your order. It is essential that the customer indicate the full, exact and correct address (including province, when applicable) for delivery. Should the address not be correct and additional costs be incurred as a result, will consider the customer to be have full and sole responsibility for these extra costs.

The shipping costs are calculated using a semi-deterministic algorithm, to optimize the combination of various goods in the same parcel. It is possible that different costs may be calculated for the same order if done at different times.

The shipping costs include operational costs. We cannot combine different orders in a single shipment. Each order will have its own separate shipping cost.

Delivery is guaranteed only to the street-level front-door of the address, and the delivery point must be easily accessible for the courier/delivery service. The delivery service will usually call shortly before delivery is made. For orders shipped on pallets with a weight of 50 kg or more we always ask the delivery service to use a truck with a hydraulic tail-lift.

If you require additional porterage services upon delivery, these must be requested in advance, and when available, the relative costs will be quoted and invoiced separately, and are never included in the total order amount.

Shipping costs are based on the dimensions and weight of the purchased products, and therefore the proportion of shipping costs to the cost of the goods ordered changes with each order.

For orders to be delivered to the Venice Lagoon or to small islands (other than Sardinia and Sicily) there will be a shipping surcharge. Once the order is placed we will request a quote from the transportation company and inform the customer by phone of the additional charge. If the customer chooses to not accept this charge he/she is free to cancel the order without penalty.

All orders can be picked up directly at the headquarters of the vendor at no additional charge. Headquarters are located at

Nardi & Banti Imballaggi srl

Via del Maggino 116/A

Chimenti – Altopascio – Lucca

The client can directly pick-up the order from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 2pm to 6pm..

9. Invoices

Invoices will be sent only by email to the email address indicated by the Client when placing the order. Clients can also access their invoices by downloading them from the “My Account” section of the website

10. Website Registration

During the order procedure the Client has the possibility to register with our website During the registration process the Client can choose his/her Log-in (email/UserID) and a password that will be required to access the “My Account” section of the website. The aforementioned data are confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties by the Client; the Vendor reserves the right to disactivate the Log-in and password in the event that, at the Vendor's incontestable discretion, the Client has violated the rules of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

11. Returns

Pursuant to the Italian Consumer Code (D. Lgs. n.206/2005), as amended by D. Lgs. n. 21/2014, when the Client assumes the role of Consumer, and therefore a private individual acting for purposes other than professional activity, he/she has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract (make a return), with no penalty and without the requirement of due motive, up to 14 (fourteen) days after the delivery of goods. In the event of multiple purchases made by the Client with a single order and delivered separately, the fourteen days shall began with the final delivery. The Clients who do not give a VAT code when registering are considered as “private individuals”.

Clients who wish to make a return must communicate this intention by the aforementioned deadline to this certified email address, and also indicate the goods in question, delivery date, and their full name and address.

Returns must be made by the client and received by the Vendor within 14 (fourteen) days of the aforementioned notice of intent to return sent by email to the certified email address. Returned goods must be sent to:

Nardi & Banti Imballaggi srl

Via del Maggino 116/A

55011 Altopascio – Lucca - ITALY

The shipping costs for the return of goods are the sole responsibility of the Client. Pursuant to art. 56 of D. Lgs. N.21/2014, once compliance to the aforementioned binding conditions is ascertained, the cost of the goods will be refunded to the Client within 14 days of receipt of notice of intent to return, and may delayed if the goods in question have not been delivered to the warehouse/headquarters by this deadline.

The right of return/withdrawal from the purchase contract is subject to the following mandatory rules:

  • The Client can exercise the right of withdrawal exclusively and only for the whole product;

  • It is not possible to withdraw from the purchase contract for a part of the purchased goods;

  • The purchased goods must be sent back in the original packaging, complete of all the fittings and documents;

  • The goods must be returned in perfect condition; damaged, worn and dirty goods will not be accepted;

  • The returned goods must have the same registration number as the shipped product.

The right of withdrawal lapses if the Client does not return the goods within 14 days of communicating his/her notice of intent to return.

The right of withdrawal lapses also in case of serious default of the returned goods (lack of internal packaging and/or documents and/or original exterior packaging; absence of integral parts and fittings of the product; damage; unsuitable condition for return) and in the event of failure to respect the aforementioned conditions. If the conditions lead to forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, the goods will be returned to the Client without reimbursement.

12. Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal is not valid or pertinent to orders of products with custom-ordered sizes or personalization. For example, this is the case should the Client orders a product with customized dimensions. In this case once the order has been made with relative payment, the Client cannot request the cancellation of the purchase contract and subsequent reimbursement in as much as the Vendor has initiated or completed the process of a product according to the specific requirements of the Client.

13. Exceptions to the right of return

For orders of products with custom-ordered sizes or personalization (i.e. printing), we will accept return of goods only if there are substantial discrepancies between the goods ordered and the goods delivered, and for the purposes of this contract, discrepancies are to be considered differences between the dimensions ordered and those delivered.

14. Loyalty program

When customers buy products on the website, the loyalty program allows them to earn credits called “reward points” that accumulate and can be converted to coupons for future orders on the same site.

A credit, in the form of reward points, will be awarded for each purchase, with 1 point awarded for every €5.00 of purchases.

Each point can be converted into a credit of €0.20.

Only the net amount of each purchase will be calculated in awarding points, after discounts are deducted and before shipping costs are added.

Points will be awarded after the order has been confirmed, shipped and concluded (when the order status is listed as “Delivered and complete”).

Reward points can be converted, at any time, in coupons (vouchers) that can be used for future purchases and can be consulted on the “voucher page” of the “my account” section of the website.

Clients must have their own personal account to which the reward points will be accredited.

In the “my account” section Clients can find updates on their points, balance, a detailed list of recent account activity and coupons earned by the accumulated points. The reward points are only valid towards discounts on future purchases and have no monetary value.

Coupons earned through converted points in the loyalty program expire after 12 months and can be used only on orders of at least €19.00 net of VAT and shipping costs.

Coupons will be activated after about 8 hours from when they are issued.

The reward points will be considered null and void when a Client cancels his/her account or order (order status: “canceled”).

The Vendor reserves the right to suspend the loyalty program totally or partially and/or change the rules at any time regarding both the earning of points and the value of the points already earned , with or without prior notice.

15. Complaints

Written notifications to the Vendor and eventual complaints will be considered valid only if sent as letter with acknowledgement of receipt, to Nardi & Banti Imballaggi Srl, via del Maggino 116/A 55011 Località Chimenti-Altopascio (Lucca) ITALY or per email to

The Client must indicate on the registration form his/her full address of residence or domicile, complete phone number and email address on which he/she wishes to receive communications from the Vendor.

In case the Client is not able to resolve the problem directly with the Vendor, pursuant to EU Regulation No 524/2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes (ODR Regulation), the Client can submit his dispute and conduct an alternative dispute resolution procedure online by accessing the electronic link of the ODR platform (

16. Liability restrictions

The Vendor should not be considered liable towards the Client/Purchasing party - except in the event of intentional fault or serious negligence - for disservices or malfunctions to the internet service that are not within the control of the Vendor or their subcontractors.

The Vendor accepts no responsibility for possible fraudulent and illegal usage by third parties of credit cards, cheques and other kind of payment, if every precaution and regular diligence has been adopted. In the event that the Vendor rejects an order, in full or in part, or is materially unable to supply the goods, the Client cannot claim the right to any refund or compensation for damages direct or indirect to people and/or things caused by failed elaboration of the order and/or by delays in the production and/or in the subsequent termination of the contract by the Vendor excluding any contractual and extracontractual liability .

If the product is to be assembled, the buyer, before starting to assemble, have to read the instruction manual carefully.All responsibility for the assembled object are for the person assembling the product.

17. Privacy Policy

Pursuant to D.L. n. 196/03 whose rules govern privacy policy and the protection of personal data for individuals and legal entities, the Client is hereby informed that the personal data provided for the purpose of placing an order will be subject to the aforementioned regulations and used exclusively for the purposes of executing the order requested and will be held only by Nardi & Banti Imballaggi srl.

The Client's consent for Nardi & Banti Imballaggi srl to use this personal data for the purposes of fulfilling the Client's order is a necessary requirement and is hereby considered expressed upon confirmation of an order. To the extent allowed by the law, the Client has the possibility to ask for the amendment/cancellation of his/her personal data.

18. Applicable law

These general terms and conditions of sale are in accordance with and pursuant to Italian law.

19. Competent court

Any dispute that may arise in relation to contracts under or related to these general terms and conditions of sale must be heard by the Italian Court with jurisdiction over the location of the Vendor's headquarters (Lucca).

Restrictive covenants

The Client pursuant to art. 1341, II paragraph, Italian CC, approves specifically the following clauses: art 2) Approval of General Terms and Conditions of Sale– art. 3) Contract Closure– 12) Exceptions to the right of withdrawal – 13) Exceptions to the right of return – 16) Liability restrictions – 18) Applicable law – 19) Competent court.