Shipping discounts for orders of at least €79!

For every order of more than € 79, offers its customers a discount of up to 30% on the total amount of goods ordered!

Details of this offer:

Order amount From €79 to €149* From €149 to €249* More than €249*
Discount offered 10% 20% 30%

*The maximu discount applied do not exceed 30% of the total order amount.

Shipping costs are based on the dimensions and weight of the purchased products, and therefore the proportion of shipping costs to the cost of the goods ordered changes with each order.

The eventual difference exceeding 30% that discounts to the Client will be charged as shipping costs.

On the page where you choose the delivery company the discount offered on shipping will be indicated in red.

Why are the shipping costs sometimes different?

Regardless of the size of the goods ordered, there are:

  • for shipment outside of Italy a minimum fare regardless of the size of the parcel and then a rate proportional to volume used;
  • for shipment in Italy a standard rate for shipment by pallet with a minimum surface area of 1.2m2 and a minimum height of 80cm and then a rate based primarily on volume.

In both cases, this means that the more goods you order for shipment, the less you will pay in shipping costs for each product.

For example (valid only for Italy destination) the shipment cost for a case of external dimensions of 60cmx50cmx80hcm is similar to the shipment cost of 4 crates of the same dimensions (120x100x80).

The local delivery-service charges a flat rate for shipments of 8.4mx2.45mx3hm regardless of the contents, so this service is recommended for deliveries to destinations that are relatively close to our headquarters or particularly voluminous.