Customization of your package/board

When we are in the sawing phase we can print each piece with up to 45 characters. You can choose different text for each item in your cart.

We print only on the wood boards and use an ink-jet printer with permanent (acetone-based) black ink.

We print the first board of each cutting pile (that usually consists of 3-4 boards); the customized printing is preceded by standard printing indicating the size of the board and the dimensions of the whole piece.

The final length of the printed area depends on the length of the wording on the dimensions (usually in the range of 5-10 characters); as we cannot print more than 30 characters, any additional characters will not appear.

For boards that are less than 50cm long, the wording will be interrupted at the end of the board.

Here are examples of what the printing looks like: 

marcatura 1marcatura 3marcatura 2marcatura 4