Pallet divano - Frontale
  • Pallet divano - Frontale
  • Pallet divano - Laterale sinistro
  • Pallet divano - Laterale destro
  • Pallet divano - Frontale vicino
  • Pallet divano - Frontale vicino alto
  • Pallet divano - Frontale molto vicino
  • Pallet divano - Vicino lato
  • Pallet divano - Laterale sinistro basso
  • Pallet divano - Frontale basso vicino
  • Pallet divano - Frontale alto
  • Pallet divano - Laterale sinistro medio
  • Pallet divano - Posteriore alto frontale
  • Pallet divano - Posteriore lato destro

Pallet Sofa

The pallet sofa is a wood packaging customizable in lenght, width, height and marking. It is built as it was a pallet.

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The pallet sofa is a wood packaging customizable in length, width, height and marking. It is built as it was a pallet. The product must be considered for all purposes as a wood packaging. The wood used is wood packaging quality, dried, non chemically treated, squared edge. Also with ispm15 ht treatment for exportation and planed boards for furnishing.

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