Modular Pallet Panchina Seduta W-MP-SEDUTA
  • Modular Pallet Panchina Seduta W-MP-SEDUTA

Modular Pallet

The modular MP system is a innovative system which permits to obtain usable combinations for your needs.

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The modular MP system is a innovative system which permits to obtain usable combinations for your needs.

Every combination is made of two simple components:

  • Component Orizzontale (dimension 100x70x11 cm);

  • Component Verticale (dimension 70x35x11 cm);

  • Component Puntello (dimension 44,5x9x9 cm);

  • Component Tassello (dimension 9,5x9x9 cm);

To construct you just need a powertool, some screws and a little bit of brains. works with the designstudio Archi-Tech, inventor of the modular system, who will provide support in the design and construction phase.

It is state of the art construction for wood packaging and the used materials. The product should be considered for all pruposes to be packaging, dried, non treated and at right angles.

Available now also in the less expensive version:
Modular Pallet Small

1) Important: before starting to assemble, read the instruction manual carefully. All responsibility for the assembled object are for the person assembling the product.
2) Caution: The assembly has to be executed by at least two persons and following the instructions precisely. We advise to use working gloves.
3) Caution: During construction, the connections between the various parts have to be made with the suggested type of screws and following the instructions in the manual. The responsibility of the correct construction lies fully with the person who constructs it.
4) Caution: The object can tip or turn over, causing grave and serieous damage. To avoid the finished object to tip over or fall, it is recommended to fix and fasten the object to a wall. The accessories for the fastening to a wall are not included in the product as they are influenced by the type of wall the object is fixed to. Use a fastening system adapted to the local circumstances of where the object will end up resting, or is attached.

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